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Taylor Business Institute’s success story is its graduates. TBI grads work throughout the Chicago land area providing needed services in the fields of electronics, accounting, criminal justice and medical billing and coding. The college’s English as a Second Language graduates transfer to other colleges within the united states for continued studies or assimilate as professionals into the American workplace.

Taylor Business Institute’s Alumni Association is a vital and active extension of the TBI family. This association meets quarterly and covers matters of importance to TBI’s graduates as well as the college as a whole. It is a perfect way to keep in touch and socialize with old friends as well as members of the college faculty and staff. It is also a great Segway into continued educational enhancements as it provides a form to inform the graduates of upcoming opportunities and to give graduates the means to set an agenda that meet their needs.

Alumni Mission Statement

The mission of the Taylor Business Institute Alumni Association is to promote a continuing spirit of fellowship among the college’s graduates; to provide continued educational opportunities for its graduates; to research and make available opportunities that support graduate’s lifestyles, success and continued learning and to support and uphold the mission of Taylor Business Institute.


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