Criminal Justice and Security Administration Occupation Disclosures

The Department of Education lists the following occupations as potential careers for graduates of this program:*

Employment & Training Administration – O*NET Classification
11.9199.07 – Security Managers
11-9199.08 – Loss Prevention Managers
33-1012.00 – First-Line Supervisors of Police & Detectives
33-9032.00 – Security Guards

Additional information is available by visiting and entering the six-digit Standard Occupational Code (SOC) in the Occupation Search Area.

*This list is based on Department of Education standards. Actual entry level jobs for graduates in this program may vary from this list. The job code data was pulled from IPEDS CIP-SOC crosswalk as of 3/5/2011. Although the Department of Education requires all job titles to be listed, Taylor Business Institute has not found the program to prepare graduates for all the jobs listed.