Why Taylor Business Institute?

TBI promotes programs designed for the non-traditional student(Adult Learners).

Personalized attention:

Taylor Business Institute provides a culturally sensitive environment that embraces students as individuals. The small class size allows for one-on-one knowledge of each student, enabling the professors to reach and teach to individual needs. This teaching practice prevents the student from becoming overwhelmed, frightened, and giving up. The family atmosphere that is the hallmark of Taylor extends beyond the classroom to all aspects of school ensuring that students feel safe and supported.

An academic model that supports adult learning:

This concept promotes programs designed for the non-traditional student. It recognizes that many students have not been in school for some time. It offers hands-on applied training to support the college’s career programs and provides developmental coursework to strengthen the adult student.


With students from over 35 countries in attendance and a rich diverse faculty, Taylor Business Institute promotes programs that prepare students to successfully transition into the American mainstream or other colleges within the United States. It provides workplace preparation for employment success following graduation and promotes understanding between cultures.

Hands-on Practical Training

At Taylor Business Institute you experience education as it is practiced in the real world. Students use equipment that exists in the workplace. They are introduced to simulation that reflects real work scenarios and is often taught by instructors who work in the career field for which the students are training.


The goal of the Taylor Business Institute Mentorship Program is to provide encouragement and support to TBI students related to their career goals and education at TBI. Students participating in this program are assigned mentors who listen to them, support, encourage and motivate them, lead by example, provide constructive criticism if needed and above all take pride in their mentees’ success, strengths, and accomplishments.

Mentors are primarily employees from within the college but may include individuals outside of the college who support the college’s mission.

For more information about this program should contact Samra Saleem at 
samra.saleem@tbiil.edu or (312) 658-5100

U-Pass/Metra Pass

U-Pass: Taylor Business Institute provides, through the Chicago Transit Authority, U-Passes for its students. These passes are at a discount price. The U-Pass allows a student unlimited rides within the Chicago area as long as they are full-time students and attending Taylor Business Institute. Students who are participating in the financial aid programs may use these funds to purchase their U-Pass.

Metra pass: Students who need to travel between Chicago and its suburbs may need a Metra pass. These passes are not discounted; however, students who qualify for financial aid may use these funds to purchase the passes. All other students must pay the full price. Students requiring Metra passes should see the business office.